Security Management and Security Services

Our security service covers a variety of areas:

Event protection / event security

We guarantee the security of your event with our own staff – from access to emergency exits, admission and ticket controls to parking lot management.

You can also obtain further personnel services for your event from us. These include hostesses, cloakroom services, fire safety guards or paramedics or medical security for the event.

Property security / ad hoc security service

The topic of property protection also includes a wide range of services. For this we can offer you porter services, access controls, telephone services, handling of supplier traffic, stand posts for temporary use (when setting up the trade fair, during the trade fair itself or for a heavily frequented shop), but also armed property protection.

Tour Security

As a tour accompaniment and artist support worldwide, we take over the preparation, planning and implementation in the areas of hotel security, organization of the arrival and departure of artists, venue security and domiciliary rights as well as security for the production processes on, behind and next to the stage. We establish and maintain contact with local organizers, service providers, authorities, police entities and all other necessary institutions.

Cash and valuables services / checkout services

We manage and organize the provision of cashiers for you and guarantee the transfer of income or the safe confinement of this until the next bank opening time. If desired, this also includes the provision of cash register systems, change and billing.

Personal protection / close protection

At VSD, we are able to support a wide range of clients, events, government agencies, commercial enterprises and individuals with risk assessment, security and personal protection needs. Our highly trained professionals can work with you to ensure your organization’s security operations remain aligned with its overall business strategy. From an ongoing strategic company security operation to a one-off personal security operation, our services are comprehensive.

Health & Safety Management / creation of safety concepts

Use our know-how to create a security concept for your project. The Covid pandemic in particular has shown how important good Health & Safety Management is to protect customers and employees.

VSD is committed to conducting safety management processes in a manner that protects people, property, facilities, communities and the environment.

Security audits may be conducted to examine the effectiveness or otherwise of a customer’s current security measures. An audit report can be provided to inform the customer or company of improvements or further actions that can be taken to increase security.

All of our employees have the expert examination in the security trade according to §34a Para. 2 No. 2 of the trade regulations.

Depending on your needs, we provide resources and aids (e.g. radio equipment).


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